Welcome, friends!

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     Pleased to meet you all, allow me to introduce myself! Carter Thomas Lane, A.K.A the “Millennia Man” is at your service.

     The Millennia Man is your one stop destination for all things men’s fashion, lifestyle advice and of course, food and fun. Being in your 20’s can be a wild time chock full of excitement, new connections, heartbreak, and everything in between.  I’ll be your guide to navigating through the rough waters of being a young adult…. and with style!

The purpose of this blog is to help lead the way not only for young men, but for those interested in having a rich, fulfilling life. Because clothes and money only go so far in the ways of happiness. I’ll be cataloging all of my adventures and hopefully we’ll be meeting some new and interesting folk along the way! If you would all be so kind, please join me on a quest for the outfit to end all outfits, the tastiest of munchies, and in the end, maybe we’ll all have learned to just be happy in our own skins. Thanks everyone, happy reading!

-Carter Lane, visionary and broke college kid

Published by

Carter Thomas Lane

Just a fun loving, outgoing guy who wants to change the world for the better- one person at a time. I am obsessed with fashion trends, art, music, food, and being active! Follow me for a good time ;)

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