An Evening on Broad

I had a lovely stroll tonight on Broad Avenue, located right between the busy streets of Summer Avenue and Sam Cooper Boulevard. The latest renovations to the area have brought in many new, fun shops and eateries. It was such a gorgeously brisk Fall night that I couldn’t help but snap a few pics in the process of checking out some of my favorite local shops, like Five in One Social Club and Found Memphis. Since the first few weeks of Fall can be a kind of confusing time for us Memphians (i.e unpredictable climate) I’m hoping to provide some insight on basic outfit preparation.


(  Pictured above is an ensemble from J.Crew– even the vans too! // Hat: Urban Outfitters)

Learning how to do some light-weight layering is a must when you live in the Mid-South. One week in October can be anywhere from quite nippy to agonizingly hot- not to mention our spouts of humidity here and there. With that being said, getting a basic denim button down and just wearing a nice tee underneath is a great way to get your outfits rolling. Denim is a great start, but experimenting with light-weight cotton/merino sweaters or jackets is also great! Most everyone has a couple basic tees they can break out, and it continually changes things up. Throw on some chinos (or even go for that sweet Canadian suit with added denim on denim) in addition to sneakers and off you go!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

( Accessories: Timex Weekender // Bead Bracelet: Good Egg Jewelry )

Accessories are also an important aspect of any outfit. They are a staple to your wardrobe- it adds a little bit of flair to help get that desired “look” you’ve been wanting. Fortunately for you guys, I’m back with another great piece from Good Egg Jewelry. Getting a nice tortoise shell vibe, this bracelet is accented with acai berries and fresh water pearls. The pearls work so well with the earth tones of the acai berries that I think it makes a great statement piece. And as always, I have my trusty Timex to tell me the time of day. Do me a huge favor and go check out all of Kristen Keegan’s awesome work at Good Egg Jewelry. A portion of the proceeds go to helping a knitting guild here in Memphis- an inspiring group who make teddy bears to give to first responder units, who then give the handmade teddies to children who’ve endured a traumatic event. So you’re not only looking good, you can feel good too!



Midtown is a charming, rustic part of Memphis and it’s probably what best fits Memphis’s “soul.”  The area offers groovy vintage vibes, as well as some pretty pleasing aesthetic shots (lol). I had a great deal of fun finding these shots, because midtown is full of photogenic gold! Every turn has some sort of unique alley way, or colorful art plastered among the old building walls.  Broad in specific was recently brought back to life with art. One of the best examples is the water tower, pictured below. Sporting a brand new paint job, the drab water tower was reborn with a splendid display of colors. There was artistic inspiration all over the street. Also fitting because every season Broad Ave hosts Art Walk where local artists exhibit work and people from all over the city descend for food trucks, shopping and gallery hopping.


Couldn’t have asked for a better looking sky either. The night was rich with the feeling of autumn right at the tips of our fingers. The smells of warm coffee, wood burning, and Halloween decor at every turn- it’s hard not to get excited about Fall this year. It’s difficult to capture the real beauty a city can have, likewise the mere feeling it can evoke within someone. Bare with me, photography is a difficult art form to master- but I’m making progress! Unfortunately I ran out of light to take more photos with, but here’s a #look just for ya’ll 😉 Thanks for tuning in this week!



P.S- start leaving comments below on what you think about my outfits, what you think I could add, or if you just wanna leave some criticism (good or bad) I look forward to reading it all!

-Carter Lane

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